Welcome... to
Foster Crossing Pecans
Perfection in a Nutshell
We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and are getting ready
for a fabulous New Year.  Best Wishes from our home to yours!

still have a limited supply of our Premium Pecans for sale  
which can be purchased whole, cracked or ready to eat.
Now is
the time to stock up!

The Barn/Store is Closed until Saturday, Jan 3 ,  then open
Saturdays 9AM - 5PM.
 We will be available to process your
pecans.  Please leave us a message at (972) 838-2321 to let us
know you're coming.

The price to crack, shell and blow  is $.70/lb.  Crack-only is

$.55.  Use the First Time Cracker link  at right for more
information on how to prepare your pecans for processing.  

The On-Line Store is Open.  Click on the link on the right side of
the page to order on-line.

And Cousin Leslie's Luscombe Farm is a great place to order
our family recipe Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.   See that link on the

For additional information,
email Jim.Luscombe@LuscombeMail.com
or call 214 458-4107.
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Farm - Cousin Leslie's
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Directions to Foster
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Map will show 1320 CR 366