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Foster Crossing Pecans
Perfection in a Nutshell
Remember the fun you had with pecans, when you were a kid.  
Picking up, cracking, baking; being with your family on
holidays.  We can help re-create those memories.

The On-Line Store is Closed.  We're sold out for this season.  
Visit us again early in November, when the next crop comes in.

The Barn is Closed - We look forward to seeing you next
in the mean-time, pray for rain.

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you.  
If you have a special pecan need, call or email and we'll talk it  

Click the First Time Cracker link at right for more information
on how to prepare your pecans for processing.

And Cousin Leslie's Luscombe Farm is a great place to order
our family recipe Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.   See that link on the

For additional information,
email Jim.Luscombe@LuscombeMail.com
or call 214 458-4107.
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