Foster Crossing Pecans
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First Time Crackers
Here's What To Expect
Make sure they are dry.  To test for dryness, crack a couple of pecans and then
snap the meat halves in two.  If they snap crisply, you're ready to go.  If they
bend or crumple, they are still too green for the machines to crack properly.  To
dry pecans, spread them out in a warm place and let the sun do the work.

Sort by size.  Our machines are set to crack by the nut size (small, medium and
large) and mixed sizes will get mixed results.

Clean Pecans.  No dirt clods, rocks, sticks, screw drivers, pliers, eyeglass lens,
paper, snuff cans, church keys or tractor bolts; thank you.  And pick out the
pecans still in hulls.  All too hard on our machinery.  If needed, we'll send you to
the Timeout Station to clean things up, before taking in your pecans.   

Crack-Only.  We run them through the crackers and you get back everything;
then you finish shelling and picking them by hand.

Crack-Shell-Blow.  This is what most folks prefer, since it removes about 90% of
shell, leaving you with the remainder to pick by hand.  But don't expect the
output to look like packaged grocery store halves; besides the
10% of the
hells, you'll also get the broken pecan bits and pieces.

Percentage Returned.  When you bring pecans in we weight them for pricing.  
When you pick up, they are obviously going to weigh less, since much of the
hell is removed.  For paper shell pecans, expect around 40-50% to be
returned.  For the smaller natives, expect about 30-40% returned.

Quality.   Occasionally we'll have folks bring in small, hard, dry pecans and
somehow expect those to crack out as large, golden, whole halves.  Remember
what your Mother told you about a sow's ear and a silk purse.  That applies to

pecans, also.   

Pick-up Promptly.  Once pecans are shelled, the oil starts to evaporate.  Get
them into storage promptly to preserve the flavor.  They will stay fresh in the
fridge for six months; up to two years in the freezer.  And please don't forget to
pick up.  We will dispose of unwanted pecans
after 30 days.